celebrate the 60th anniversary every day with a calendar

Celebrate with us all yearCalender Cover long with the JVC Northwest 60th Anniversary calendar! This calendar keeps you up to date on the various 60th Anniversary-related events, important JVC Northwest dates, and holidays throughout the year.  Each month also features photos from throughout the history of JVC Northwest that correspond to the various events and important pieces of the JVC Northwest experience. Each month includes a quote or reflection about an important component of our community from former Jesuit Volunteers, JV Encorps members, Jesuits or our shared four values.March View

Take the time to celebrate this 60 year history every day as the JVC Northwest community rediscovers the Jesuit Volunteer experience, reconnects with JVC Northwest and their community, and recommits to the core values of simple living, community, spirituality, and social and ecological justice.

Interested? Get one at our close out price of $10 (less than a dollar a month) by emailing advancement@jvcnorthwest.org.

Buy your copy today!

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