a fun visit.

PJ in Bethel, Alaska talks about his area director’s fall visit to the Bethel community…Bethel

“This past week we were lucky enough to have a smiling, energetic new face in our house. Our area director, Jamie came for her bi-annual area visit, bringing with her a new and exciting dynamic to our community. The visit proved very helpful in centering us both personally but also as a community. Through one-on-one discussions and supervisor meetings, myself and my community mates were given a much needed opportunity to reflect back on our first two months in Bethel. The week was also full of excitement…from taking care of 35 sled dogs, to moose sightings, to the moment when Jamie’s fascination with funky headware erupted into full-out community fashion show! It was great week for all of us.”

3 thoughts on “a fun visit.”

  1. Thanks, PJ! It was a great week for me as well. I am looking forward to visiting you all again in January! -Jamie Smeland, Alaska Area Director

  2. Just curious where you saw the moose, don’t recall they came near town much. Also, the dogs you helped take care of, does the Bethel community still host a mushers for the Kusko 300? When we hosted them, it was a husband/wife team and they had a little girl, just wondering if things were the same up there. Does PATC still have dances on Saturday? That was always a blast. Thanks for the blast from the past. Peace, Joanie

    • Hi Joanie,

      It sounds like Bethel may be as you remember it in many ways. Glad to hear that you are doing well!

      -JVC Northwest


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