finding a passion.

This reflection is from JVC Northwest Area Director, Brett:   Seattle trip 2 R Violi

While on my area visit to Seattle I picked up one of the JVs and we descended east together from Capitol Hill headed for the Lake Washington waterfront for our one on one meeting.  We walked the western shore of the lake talking and at one point paused to watch a retriever bound playfully off the public peer into the chilly water for its tennis ball.  The lake sparkled through the masts of sail boats in the early evening light, and Mt. Rainier towered in the distance, its snowy slopes reflecting the orange, pinks, and purples of the sky.  There were many questions on my mind, how community life was coming together, how her placement was working out, but I had yet to ask my first question when she looked at me and said, “I love my job.”   She paused and smiled before continuing, “I am amazed at how people open themselves to me and share their lives… it’s such an honor.”  She went on to relate how important her discernment process was for the quality of her experience in Seattle and at her placement site.  I agree that she made a great decision and I felt honored to share in the experience of someone finding their passion.

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