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Brett, Area Director for Seattle and Tacoma, talks about his experiences at a recent Spirituality Night in Seattle.  Click on the radio program titles to listen to the stories!:

“Americans from all walks of life share the personal philosophies and core values that guide their daily lives’ in this NPR radio series, ‘This I Believe.’  Seattle JV, Laura, introduced two segments of this show to her Cherry Abbey community during a recent Spirituality Night I shared with them.

We first listened to Helen Keller’s essay, circa 1951, The Light of a Brighter Day- Helen Keller.  We then listened to 7 -year-old Tarak McLain read from the essay he composed when his elementary class celebrated their 100th day of school, Thirty Things I Believe- Tarak McLain

“If 7-year-old Tarak could think of 100 things he believes, we can certainly think of 10, right?” Laura asked us. We took a few minutes to think about it, and we each came up with ten things we believe to share with the group.  The night was beautiful, an activity I would encourage any community or family to share together.  I was not only able to reach into my own spiritual core, but was also tremendously inspired by what the JVs said, ultimately what calls them to be JVs, and what drives them to be the wonderful people that they are.”

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