to lasting community.

Rachel Forte, the JVC Northwest traveling recruiter, shares a story from the road:

“Aside from engaging with potential volunteers and hearing their enthusiasm about our program; my favorite part of my job is the opportunity to spend time with FJVs (Former Jesuit Volunteers).  Some work on the campuses I visit, some provide a couch for me to crash on for the night and some I meet at events we host. 

Recently, I hosted an event at a pub for FJVs from the Northwest while in Chicago, IL.  It was great to hear people introducing themselves and beginning conversations, ‘so, where were you a JV?’  Being ‘ruined for life’ meant that we all shared values and were united by common experiences.  At the end of the night I made promises to send out everyone’s contact information so that these kinds of get-togethers could continue. 

The need for FJVs to connect with each other and live out the value of community outside of the structure of JVC Northwest was evident at the Chicago gathering.  I hope to be able to host more FJV events while I am on the road this spring and to help FJVs link up with each other in the various cities I visit.”

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