hoping for Hillsboro.

Bridget, FJV from Hillsboro ’03-’04, shares her thoughts about JVC Northwest re-opening a community in Hillsboro this August:

During my very formative JV year, I worked at the Community Action Family Shelter running an after-school program for homeless students.  My experience as a volunteer brought me into the conversation about how there wasn’t a safe space for young people to gather and find out about resources in Hillsboro. Shortly after my JV year, HomePlate, a drop-in program for young people in Hillsboro, began.  I helped open this no-strings-attached drop-in center to meet and build relationships with the youth in our community and find out their needs.  Five years later, HomePlate continues to thrive and grow in response to the need.  Since our inception, we have met with over 750 young people. I am personally very excited that the JV Hillsboro community will be re-opened this year. JVC Northwest opened my eyes to the reality and injustice that many people experience, and now I am lucky to be able to support young people as they speak louder and have their voice heard.

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