the taste of Sunday.

Rich, a JV in Boise, Idaho, gives us a taste of Sunday morning in his community:

“Sunday mornings are anything but the start to a quiet day for the Boise House.  The fragrance of sizzling pancakes and warm syrup gets this group of 23-year olds out of bed. From August, when it seemed that the sun was always shining over Boise, to the present, as we bundle up in Snuggies without heat, the weekly pancake breakfast has been a staple.

The pancakes differ from week to week.  Two reasons for this: the first being that we are house that loves variety.  Trying to incorporate different fruits, chocolate chips, and some recent innovation exploring add-ins like pepperoni, have kept us all on edge.  The second reason for all the variety is that I am not the best of cooks and a little extra batter here, a little less milk there, leaves us all a little surprised with the consistency of the final product.  The roommates take their reviews very seriously and are slow to declare ‘Best Pancakes Ever.’

Having everyone around the breakfast table brings out great conversation and always a lot of laughs. From sharing the joys and stresses of our jobs, going over chords to a newly figured out acoustic Kanye West cover, or demonstrating Yoga poses, the Sunday morning ritual continues to be a favorite among our many community events.  Also, making pancakes weekly serves as a personal reminder to me of loved ones who made pancakes for me during childhood, and the blessing it is to presently be in Boise with my community.”

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Richard, Ian, Greg and Claire this past Sunday. They shared their experiences volunteering and living communally this past year in Boise. Four wonderful young adults that Cliff and I felt honored to meet and spend too short time with. They are welcome in our home any time and I truly hope to hear form them again. Maybe on their way to or from their planned Glacier hike!!!!


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