Act now to save service!

Dear Friends and Family of JVC Northwest,

On September 15th, I will be heading to Capitol Hill to tell members of Congress about the tremendous impact the JVC Northwest AmeriCorps program is making in the communities where we serve. This message is important for our political leaders to hear as Congress considers its funding priorities for the Corporation for National and Community Service and AmeriCorps. I will be part of the Voices for National Service Hill Day. We will make the strong and compelling case that service is a smart investment, generating jobs and empowering communities all across America – and you can help us amplify this message by calling your members of Congress next Thursday.

We’re asking you to use the 1-855-US-SERVE line rather than call your Members of Congress directly because it will allow Voices for National Service to tally the total number of people who are rallying to this cause, which will help strengthen the case to Congress and the White House that this is a decision that their constituents are tracking. The line will also provide brief talking points, and connect those who call directly with their Senators and Representative. It’s an easy and effective tool, and we need all of you to help us generate awareness about it. You can also find additional resources and links on the Save Service website www.saveservice.org and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/saveservice

Please send this information along to your friends and anyone who has worked in national service. Their firsthand stories about the impact of service will be extremely helpful!

Thank you for your continuing support of service!

Jeanne Haster
Executive Director

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