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Danielle Bastien, Area Director for Alaska, would like to share (with their permission) a letter from the current Anchorage JV community. “I think their thoughts provide insight into the joys and challenges of the transition to being a Jesuit Volunteer in the Northwest.”

23 August 2011

Dear Wonderful JVC [Northwest],

This is just a note to say that all is well in Anchorage – we’ve climbed a mountain or two, picked wild blueberries, enjoyed fresh salmon, and hosted a moose in our own front yard. We’ve shared meals with the homeless, administered HIV/AIDS tests, and traded stories with bed-bound patients who have no other family members with whom they can share their lives. Though our [service] has brought us frustration, bewilderment, surprise, and joy, we have taken refuge (and celebration) in the friendship of each other, the beauty of our environment, and the support of our strong, loving community of FJVs.

We are grateful every day (whether spoken or felt) for this wild adventure of being together, of being for others, and of participating in our Alaskan terrain. We cherish the sense of mission, purpose and identity that we took with us from orientation, and the ways that your joy, reflection, and energy during our time at Camp Adams set us on a path of radical living and rabble-roused our hunger to do good, hard work.

For all that you inspire, support, and sustain, we offer you our deepest thanks.

Rock on, Portland.

With love,

The Anchorage JVs

Miranda, Pat, Whitney, Lauren, Sarah, Claire, Becky, and Mike

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