invite others to become “ruined for life”

Leah Nusse, Recruitment and Marketing Manager, encourages FJVs and friends of JVC Northwest to invite potential Jesuit Volunteers into a year of service:

You may or may not have experienced being “ruined for life,” but I imagine that you are in some way connected to this idea if you are reading this entry–perhaps you are a Former JV or are friends with one.  Likely, you know how much of an impact this service experience can make and how it can change lives, forever.  Why not invite others to consider beginning their own journey of transformation as a Jesuit Volunteer?!

As we look forward to welcoming the next group of committed Jesuit Volunteers to the Pacific Northwest, we rely on the support and assistance of so many in our extended community to help spread the word about this wonderful program. A personal invitation is the most effective way to encourage someone who may be considering a year of service into actually choosing a program and applying. Your direct, personal invitation can make all the difference.  If you know someone who would make a great JV, please reach out today and invite them to learn more about JVC Northwest!

The following are a few ways you can help:

– Brag about the great work of current or former JVs you know.  The personal stories of service are so inspiring!

-Make an announcement at mass, a student group, meeting or class

– Write a letter to students at your alma mater telling them about your service experience as a Jesuit Volunteer.

– Share our web site www.watermelon03.watermelon503.com/~jvcnorth/ or encourage individuals to call 503.335.8202 to learn more!

The priority deadline for JV applications for the 2012-13 service year is March 1, so this is a perfect time to take action.

Thank you for all that you have done and will do to invite others to learn more about JVC Northwest! If you have ideas or questions please contact Leah Nusse, Recruitment & Marketing Manager at lnusse@jvcnorthwest.org or 503.335.8202.

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