this valentine’s day, spread the love!

Spread the Love

Did you find love as a JV? Is someone you love a JV or a former JV?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and in honor of this season of love JVC Northwest is holding its first ever Click Campaign!

What is a click campaign, you ask? Good question! It’s an online fundraising campaign to support the incredible, life-giving service the JVs provide each day! We want to get as many clicks as possible on the “Donate Now” button on our website to help us reach our fundraising goal.

Our Goal: $14,000

That breaks down to $100 for each JV currently serving.

$100 covers the cost of a JV stipend for one month.

The campaign runs from February 1 to February 14. All you have to do is go online to www.watermelon03.watermelon503.com/~jvcnorth/ any time between those dates, click the “Donate Now” button, and make a donation. It’s that easy!

Plus, if you make a donation in honor of the one you love, JVC Northwest will send him or her a special Valentine’s card letting them know how much you care!

So spread the love this Valentine’s Day by making a donation to JVC Northwest. Mark it on your calendars – February 1 through February 14 – don’t forget to click!

Want to get a head start on the campaign? Click HERE and make a donation now!

P.S. Log onto JVC Northwest’s Facebook page and share your own love stories with the greater JVC Northwest community! 

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