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Former Jesuit Volunteer, ‎Denny Duffell (‘69-‘70 Copper Valley, AK; ‘70-‘71 Hays, MT), shares his JVC Northwest love story about meeting his wife, Joan Duffell, in honor of the first ever Click Campaign!

“Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest could almost promote itself as a great place to meet the love of your life, since JVs share so many core values. You can trace those values in our lives together ever since meeting in 1970 as JVs in Montana. In our early marriage, we lived in the Catholic Worker community and were active in the campaign against the Trident [missile]. As time when on, Joan went into the field of early childhood education, and she is now the CEO of the Committee for Children, an international non-profit. I served in an inner-city parish for 9 years before becoming a chaplain for Seattle Children’s Hospital and an ordained deacon. Jack Morris (founder of JVC Northwest) once told us that, “It’s not just the love you share that makes a marriage; there’s a calling from God for something that’s bigger than both of you, which you delight in together.” We cherish each other’s work, love getting away together to savor the beauty of the earth, thoroughly enjoy our children and their families, and as we approach 65, we’re hitting the time again when anything is possible. We might be ready for JV EnCorps…”

What’s your love story?

p.s. The Click Campaign ends February 14, make a donation to JVC Northwest in honor of your love!

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