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JV Sarah Stanley (Bethel, AK ’12-13) writes about the new collaborative efforts of JVs to share recipes and creatively eat on the JV budget:

When the church sent me to Los Angeles, CA for the Religion Education Conference, I stayed with a JV community in LA. My friend Jon, from John Carroll University is a current JV in LA and upon discussing our different communities and JV experiences, we often found ourselves mentioning meals and asking one another for recipes. We both noted that similarly, after sharing meals with other JVs on retreat, we were constantly asking for recipes to be emailed between communities. JVs love food and have similar budgets and intentional commitments behind their meals.

JV Eats Blog

With this in mind and the knowledge that we both have different connections and networks with other JV communities, we decided to start a community blog to share recipes! After working on the site, here and there when we had the chance, we think we are ready to begin sharing the site with our fellow JVs!

We hope that the blog would be a good tool to network with other JVs and share a part of our year together. Sharing meals is a staple of Bethel community time and I assume the same of many communities, so by sharing recipes, we can help strengthen the JV community as a whole!

Check out the site: jveats.wordpress.com

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