live from molalla, it’s orientation!

2015 Orientation is nearing its end, but we wanted to give a snapshot into the week so you can get a taste of what it’s like for the new Jesuit Volunteers as they embark on their year of service with JVC Northwest.


What better way to dive into the experience of a new, anxiously excited JV than to see what they’re seeing!

JVsSingingOrientation2015As many FJVs can readily recall, Orientation is a time where song, dance, and tradition can help a group of 148 strangers begin to know one another as they prepare for a plunge into the unknown. Here is a picture of JVs as they sing together to start each day. Once again we have the pleasure of this morning singing courtesy of Mike Benton, who has led and coordinated music at Orientation for over 20 years.

RaymondWilliamsPatTwohySJOrientation2015This year we had the honor and privilege of welcoming Raymond Williams, Swinomish elder of the Coastal Salish, and Fr. Pat Twohy, S.J., a close friend of Raymond’s and a Jesuit who has spent over 40 years living, working, and learning among the indigenous peoples of the Northwest, particularly the Coastal Salish. Raymond and Fr. Pat spoke about their own lives and experience on this land, as well as the rich and challenging mesh of Jesuit and Native spirituality that they have grown in throughout their lives.

And how could we forget “The Top 10”? Brian Mack (Seattle, WA ’92-94) and Fr. Joseph Carver (Seattle, WA ’93-94) Top10JosephCarverSJOrientation2015put on a hilarious and educational presentation on the Top 10 hints to help new (and returning) JVs have a successful year full of challenge, joy, and growth. Brian and Fr. Joseph were housemates in Seattle and, along with co-conspirator Marilyn Nash (Seattle, WA ’92-94), they have been putting on this presentation, with various wrinkles and new jokes, for many years.

Do these pictures spark any of your own Orientation memories? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section or on our Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

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