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For the second year in a row we are grateful to have a member of the JVC Northwest community, Marcy Haugh (Juneau, AK ’03-04, Board Member, PAC ’15-17), write about how she is using these current times of uncertainty and fear to support the organizations that give her hope on #GivingTuesday.


marcy-haughThis year, the darkness of Advent and winter came early and suddenly for me. This November has been a particularly difficult month where I have experienced devastation and fear, yet realize many others are experiencing more fear and uncertainty. As I struggle-gratefully within community-I live with a growing awareness of the importance of every action: smiling at strangers, reaching out to those who are afraid for their safety, expressing love in a time of fear, and supporting the people and organizations I care about that are working to address the inequities in our nation.

JVC Northwest is an organization I feel is important for me to continue to support. Years ago, my JV year in Juneau was a time of self-discovery, heartbreak, and challenge. Working with Native Alaskan teen parents taught me about resiliency, strength, and how historical and current racism can so tragically impact communities in our nation today.  Now, ten years later, I am aware that I have more power and privilege than I had during my JV year through the connections I’ve built, the education I’ve gained, and the money I have. I have been asking the question of how I can use what power I do have to stand for what I believe in. This holiday season I hope to align my spending with my values, asking questions about who or givingtuesday-heart-with-logo-and-datewhat I’m empowering with where my money is spent and what its impact is on the world. On #GivingTuesday, a day during the holiday season to support people instead of consumerism, I will donate to JVC Northwest. I will do so because JVC Northwest changed my life in ways I will forever be grateful for, and because I want to support the JVs’ critical and needed work supporting marginalized communities throughout the Northwest. I invite you to join me in saying yes to offering a donation that helps sustain the ongoing work of JVC Northwest and to use your money as a powerful expression of your values.


Marcy is a social worker in Portland, Oregon, providing advocacy and parent coaching for teen parents who are working to reunify with their children currently in the foster care system. Marcy is a member of our Board of Directors and our Portland Alumni Council and enjoys hobbies like hiking, kayaking, and playing board games with friends.

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