Volunteer Nurse: A Year of Resistance and Radical Love

Each month, JV AmeriCorps members share their incredible stories of service on our AmeriCorps blog. These stories range from reflections on issues affecting JV AmeriCorps members’ community, such as homelessness or domestic violence, and how they and their placement address the issues, to projects they implement within their agency and community.

In our latest AmeriCorps blog, our JV AmeriCorps member Mary Franz shares her experience navigating through the expectations surrounding new nurses and discovering the type of nurse she wants to be.

“It’s a radical notion to walk even an hour to visit a patient. It’s radical to resist the benefits of a hospital nursing position. It’s radical to think that a nurse can be more than just a bedside caregiver. As I stood in awe of revolutionaries like Paul Farmer, I became more aware of the nurse I wanted to be. I wanted to be a radical. I wanted to be a resistor. I wanted to work for social justice, not a paycheck. Naturally, those desires led me to be a volunteer.”

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