Introducing the New JV Flex Program

JVC Northwest has launched a pilot program for the ’21-22 service year which explores new ways to serve in Portland and Seattle. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new JVC Northwest pilot program, JV Flex! JV Flex engages people in Portland or Seattle to experience a JVC Northwest values-driven year of service, with an emphasis on intergenerational cohorts … Read more

Celebrating World Immigration Day

One JV’s Experience with Today’s Asylum Seekers 258 million migrants across the globe and nearly 26 million sought asylum or refugee status in 2017. Never before has the world been so on the move.[1]  In this world of constant motion, I find it important to recall America’s fundamental, yet sometimes imperfect promise of welcoming immigrants … Read more

Providing Transitional Shelter through Tiny Houses

AmeriCorps Week This AmeriCorps Week, we’re highlighting JV AmeriCorps service throughout the Northwest. In our latest AmeriCorps blog, JV AmeriCorps member Christina Estimé discusses her service providing transitional shelter for those experiencing homelessness as the Tiny House Village and Essential Needs Coordinator at the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) in Seattle, Wash. “I’m with the tiny … Read more

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