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It's time to apply for a year of service and community with JVC Northwest -- but where to even start???
I don’t know if it is because I am an introvert (or a proud 5 on the enneagram), but finding
For many JVs the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic sadly meant an end to their service placements, but for Maddie
Nestled in the tall grasses behind the JV house, an abandoned school bus has been turned into a home for
If there is one thing JVs and FJVs do really well it is building communities. Community building is a skill
Here in the Seattle Mercy home, there is a sign in our kitchen that reads, "Passengers shall maintain control of
The unique and unprecedented experience of being a JV during the COVID-19 pandemic has shown me the importance of connectivity, presence, and unwavering
"In Search of Continual Conversion" JVE Terry Powers (Tacoma, WA '19-20) Seeking purpose and the grace to pursue that purpose
“I am a social worker,” I say by way of introduction to a class full of new students. I feel

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